Extraordinary levels of foreign participation: delight from exhibitors

Extraordinary levels of foreign participation: delight from exhibitors

Bit Milano underlined its role as a hub that also provides interconnection and visibility for foreign destinations. A flood of positive feedback, with acclaim for the event's ability to strengthen links to the Italian market and promote each country’s features to the world.

Bolstered by this year's big returning names, such as China and Japan, Bit 24 also provided an opportunity for interconnection, visibility and the relaunching of many foreign destinations, against a backdrop of great enthusiasm. “If I had to sum up Bit in three words, I’d say: dynamism, diversity and passion,” said Noritsgu[GC1]  Yusa – Commercial Manager JNTO, Japan National Tourism Organisation.


This view was echoed by Melinda Brindicci, P.R. & Marketing Manager, China National Tourist Office, and Nadia Pasqual, Media Relations & PR, JORDAN TOURISM BOARD. They highlighted the opportunities that foreign countries have at Bit Milano to strengthen their links to the Italian market and promote their areas as part of a dynamic platform where supply meets demand.


Melinda Brindicci said "China is back at Bit after three years away due to the pandemic. We also chose to participate in this exhibition alongside several provinces, especially to raise awareness of the news of visa-free travel to China: Italians are free to visit our country for 15 days without needing to apply for a tourist visa; we selected this venue as we believed it would be the best place to introduce China to people all over Italy.”


"Italy is our top market in terms of the number of arrivals and stays in Jordan – and Italians are very welcome in the country. This edition was intense, lively, very rewarding and full of meetings with operators, journalists, influencers and content creators,” stated Nadia Pasqual, on behalf of Jordan.


Bit Milano offers a true network of travellers, stakeholders and media that shines a light on the world of travel in its entirety, from cultural and sports tourism in Jordan to local experiences in Shanghai and Beijing in China, and from nature explorations on the slopes of Mount Fuji in Japan to Slovenian regenerative and sustainable tourism. "Slovenia has created its own sustainability certification called ‘Slovenia Green’, which is used by more than 200 facilities in Slovenia, including tourist accommodation (such as hotels, but also glamping, of which there are over 30 sites),” explained Aljosa Ota, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board in Italy to the audience of Bringing Innovation into Travel at a meeting entitled “Green Hospitality and Regenerative Tourism: When Destinations Turn Sustainability into Action”.


The longstanding Milanese expo continues therefore to act as a strategic showcase for not only the most sought-after destinations, but also for niche and less mainstream locations, or areas that have only recently come to the attention of tourist markets in Italy and beyond. They are buoyed by an offering in line with the most current trends, geared towards the discovery of local traditions and nature.  “Naturally we choose Bit Milano for the Italians – they make up the largest part of the tourists who go to Brazil, especially to Cearà,” confirmed Thiago Marques, Marketing Coordinator, State of Cearà.” “There was an interesting range of visitors. We choose to come to Bit precisely because of the attendees and its real attraction – its location in Milan,” reiterated Tiziana Gennari of the Anguilla Tourist Board.